This is War [empatheticblade]

"Hey Adramelech, how long do you think it has been since we came back to Gongaga?" The young girl, only fourteen wearing a turtleneck sweater-type dress and boots asked as she kept walking toward the village. At first glance from anyone else’s point of view, it would appear that she was talking to thin air and would deem the poor girl insane, but in reality was talking to a supernatural being that only her own violet eyes could see.

Of course first glances were always known to be very deceitful as the girl herself appeared to be a very normal teenage girl if it weren’t for the way she carried herself in the way she walked plus all of the dirt, grime and what even appeared to be blood caking her clothes, face and her long and unkempt [really tangled] black hair. Deep dark circles overshadowed underneath her dull violet eyes. It was as if the girl had just walked out of a battlefield or a nightmare.

The demonic feline grinned at his mortal victim companion. "About a few years I say, Kitten. Give or take a year." The girl slowly nods as she kept walking. Adramelech quickly teleports onto her shoulders and Sera immediately yelped as she quickly tried to readjust to the extra weight without falling face-planting to the ground. ”Just remember that we’re only passing through to get some supplies.”  "I know, Adramelech, I know. Supplies and nothing else." Her expression appeared to be disappointed as if she wanted do something while they were here.